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Reunion 2014 will be celebrated September 19-21 in St. Louis

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                                davis' 70s photos

Earl Davis
Webster in the 1970s

NEW PHOTOS from Earl Davis. Click on the link or the photo or visit the 70s page.

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mimi and bobby
"I have just returned from a wonderful trip to NYC,  where the  highlight of the trip was getting together with Bob Power whom I haven't seen in 34 years!  We were amazed at how fluid and comfortable our reunion was, easily picking up where we left off." - Mimi Botscheller   [click on image]

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cris 'n zorn
Ms. Ghillani upstages Zorn (again)...   [click on image]

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"My Nam buddies finding me this year and the current war causes me to recall my most precious Christmas. We decorated a little leafless tree out side our tent with scraps of candy and cigarette wrappers, pull tabs and resupplied shoe strings while the nearby fire support base shot off 50 cal. bursts with green & red tracer rounds. Seasoned Greenings Everyone!" - Xavier

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