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This section is growing slowly but surely.  Some of the histories were written for this page.  Others are gleaned from the Discussion List.  Send yours in (please!) - history, story, dream, or fantasy...

a relaxed fit
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in front of melissa's apartment

The Photo Gallery

The photo gallery  pages  contain personal pictures - a photo from Webster daze and a current one - with some text under each photo... maybe what we thought we would be doing... what we are doing... perhaps the years we spent on campus.. be good to include our pets... and anything else that strikes any of us... photos can be emailed or snail mailed (then I can scan 'em in and return 'em asap) - if you need my address, send an email.
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Page One
Jacquie Gindler and her girls

Page Two
Richard Fox, Peter Spencer, Ben Kloepper

Page Three
Cris Ghillani, Bill Eldred, Marcie Mitler

Page Four
Tim Noelker, Laurie Andres, 
Linda Clinton Maulin,
Terry Wimmer

Bob Powers and Tom Ray
TRay and Bob Powers
Margaret Leighton Herns
Margaret Leighton Herns
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Page Five
Ira Slotkin, Melissa Shuwall Cookman, Ira Carter

Page Six
Zoe Blatchley, Marby Rufsvold,
Frank Xavier Weyerich & Molly Blades

Page Sevennew
David Young, Ben Kloepper as Catman, David Kilper, Helen Butterfield & Valerie Mack, Sal ("Purple") & Kathy Parrino, Ali Paull with loot, and Tricia Gibney voting

Photo Gallery Miscellany

Linda and Shy

View a page of photos of Linda's dear dog Shy

View photos of Linda's sweet new dog Pax - Pax and Whatmutt

The Red Shoe Ladies Lunch - courtesy of Deborah Schneider
Proof of the Red Shoe Lunch
Proof of the Red Shoe Lunch,
honoring Zoe's absence
with Memorial Red Slippers
Red Shoe Ladies
The Red Shoe Ladies:
back row: Eve Coulson,
Tricia Gibney, Sam Fleming; 
front row: Ann Louise Goulene, 
Kitty Schooley, Deborah Schneider

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The Kiss My Bathroom mystery revealed
The Kiss My Bathroom mystery revealed

Click here for photos of Ladies Who Lunch & Men Who Love Them!

NYC Gathering - March 2005
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Luis with all the toys--his cell phone, the duck, the scratch game and a strawberry virgin.
Luis with all the toys
tricia and oyra--taken by luis
tricia and oyra - taken by luis
the red-shoe contingent, as seen by Luis.
the red-shoe contingent,  by Luis.
the view from the Bentley Hotel
the view from the Bentley Hotel

sam foxy nancy in providence after Phantom
Sam, foxy, and Nancy in Providence after Phantom - 03/15/03
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Ira John Peppers

"John and I went to the fabulous Roxie Theatre in Mission in SF to see a pseudo-documentary about pseudo-shaman Carlos Castaneda.  After we solved all the world's problems over coffee, we retired to John's palatial flat, where we took this picture for your delectation."  -  The I-Man --- photo from John Kyle, 04/17/04

dr jj cowgirl (Janie Ibur) in action
Jim's Horse Ranch - May 2005

2005Jim'sHorseRanch 080s2005Jim'sHorseRanch 081s2005Jim'sHorseRanch 094s

Tim & Terry

"Tim Gallagher came out to California and we were able to get together for lunch in Ventura.   It's nice to have a friendship that continues through life as long as ours has.  I'm sure the same is true for many other friendships in the "Webster Clan".  It's nice to have a witness to all the changes you go through in life.  It helps validate your efforts to constantly grow and change no matter what age you are."
Tim & Terry on Ventura Pier
"Here is a photo of the two of us on a foggy day on the Ventura Pier. "

- Terry Wimmer

Francis Xavier Weyerich & Molly Blade's 2001 Pumpkin - click here
Jeff Jobson's Slick Checker - click here
Ira Carter's Thunderstorm - click here
Bill Broad Book review - click here- photo closeup click here
David Young at his pre-New Years Eve 2002 Party - (thanks, Carol Dillon!)
Ben Kloepper as Catman - two photos KittyOne and KittyTwo.
A pair of eXcellent photos from Francis Xavier Weyerich & Molly Blade:
      A couple of guys on a wall having a ball.  FX & Jeff with Molly at camera.
      Intersection of - Argyle Anaconda & Wally
Seattle Alert - September 2003 - "Paula was away and Jeff had to work but Sam graced us with her few hours availability and Wendy Wees was there with her husband who took this picture". - FX
Photo of Wendy Wees from high school friend Ben Reynolds with best regards!

Len and Susan in Massachusetts - 1976
susan busk
len and susan
len susan and who?
len susan and dog

french lady
Rozzy: "I-Man, if any dead French ladies in their underwear show up in my lectures about emerging civilization in the ancient cultures about which I am teaching, YOU will be the first to know (and they will have, no doubt, been sent as your emissaries!)"
foxy: "What if I-Man shows up in dead French lady underwear? would he be their emissary? would you blush?"
Rozzy: "Could a girl get that lucky?!" - I-Man, class starts at 1pm so you better hurry on up and get your naked would-be French butt over here!"
I-Man: "Nude, nevair! But I am corseted and pantalooned on a regular basis (or is that just loony?)."
foxy: "Damn... we need a photo for the website!"

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Photo Gallery Special

May 25, 2001
Eileen O'Donohue

"First thing this morning I was greeted with a crown, formal proclamation signed by my CO-workers, a HUGE Ruby ring, gold coins and a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Can it get any better?   Well . . .

 I do my daily check of the messages from Websterites and see the Birthday Alert!  My goodness, nobody here knows me but they know my birthday?   How can that be?  oooppps!!  Boy was I on an ego roll!!

And then the Dylan jokes.  I never knew there was such a thing . . ."


The Broadside In Exile

What were we thinking?  What were we doing?  Memory is blurry but issues of The Broadside provide a portal to the past.  From Cris Ghillani's catacombs, these pages are being put together by Ira Carter.  Thanks Cris and Ira!  Currently, there are two tastes "Revolution" and "Wendy" - a full menu will follow!

broadside in exile

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