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Deborah Caringella Schneider

Photos From 1999, 2002, and 2003

1999 Captions By Ira Carter



Maureen O'Brien and Jerry Bamel, same elfin smiles as always


Jerry Bamel, takes one to arrest one


Jerry, Maureen, Bob Power and Bob's wife, Susan Ricci
gosh, I hate Bob and his youthful good looks!


 Deborah Schneider - is she a babe or what?


Deborah:  Jerry was just in New York for a week, visiting from Singapore.  He flew to Seattle to testify in a case, but also came to NY to celebrate his 50th birthday with his family.  He spent a weekend with me, we had dinner at Bob Power and Susan Ricci's country home, and he also spent some time with Maureen O'Brien.  It was a whirlwind visit, but always grand to see him and he's in fine form.
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Deborah Jerry Charlie


Jerry at Bobbys


Bobby and Susan


Deborah:  I had the opportunity to see some of our dear friends this summer, and attach a few photos for you: Rozzy at my 50th bday party, and Paula Russell and her daughter, Leah, in Seattle, with Charlie, my son.
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rozzy and deborah
paula charlie leah
paula deborah leah
charlie and leah

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