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Someone you're looking for?  want the Clan to know about news, views, or memories?  Post a message to the board...   or follow a thread and answer a question or respond with a different perspective....


Clan Webster Birthdays

This birthday list has been put up because we just can't remember otherwise (that's what I've been instructed to say here).  If there are any you can add,  please let me know.

The cafeteria dance image to the right is from Webster University's collection.  Click on it for a full view.


dance dance dance

red carpet scene

Email Directory

The email directory was the first project of this site.  New names are added as we find them.  If there are any that bounce, have been changed, or need to be added, please let me know.

The Red Carpet image to the left is from Webster University's collection.  Click on it for a full view.



Snail Mail/Phone Number Directory

The address and phone directory was compiled by Tim Noelker at the October 1998 Reunion. Thanks Tim!  Since the Reunion, folks have been emailing additions. If there's a person you're looking for, toss the name to the Webster70 Discussion Group (for info on the group, see the bottom of this page) - and check back to browse the list. New names may spark more memories! This page is passworded. If you'd like the password, want to update or add to the listings, email me. 

john zorn

cover of new hope and wise virgins

Peter Spencer CD Release / Web Site

Peter Spencer's new CD - New Hope and Wise Virgins - has just been released.   Head over to his web site - - and check out details on the recording,  view photos of the CD release party (featuring concert photos of the band which includes Peter's son Caleb sitting in on percussion), check out MP3's, the schedule and more.   Congratulations Peter!

Reunion Links:

Webster University Alumni Office
Mary Krchma - Necole Powell - and the other gracious staff

Photos Webster Posted On Their 70's Page For The 1998 Reunion
Who Are Those People?

Webster University Home Page
Webster University Alumni Web Pages Directory

This page is dedicated to O'Connell's Green...

John McVicker's Student Directory Project:

View The Rosters of Names, Addresses, & Phone Numbers

Webster College 69-70 Directory
Webster College 70-71 Directory
Webster College 72-73 Directory

Deborah Caringella Schneider & Michael Goldberg at The St. Louis Zoo, 1975

Alumni Home Page Links:

Wendy Bamberger McVicker - Arts In Education, Creative Writing and Poem Page
Ira Carter - Yin Yang Of Business and Pleasure For Good Measure
Eve Coulson - Lilith Magazine
Reida (Crume) Mishory-Isseroff - Ceramics (on the Site) and Singing Still!
Nancy Edmond Paull's Non-Profit Health Care & Social Service Agency - SSTAR.ORG
Bill Eldred - Artwork, More To Come
Ellen Epstein's Fund Raising (aka "Begging") Letter
Libby Farrow McKnight - Creative Connections Beads and Watercolors - Current Photo
Richard H. Fox - assorted projects & ramblings...
Dan Gilvezan - SAG/AFTRA/AEA
Doug Issac - Professional Profile
Jeff Jobson - Filmmaker, Member of STUTTER
Ben Kloepper's Short Story Second Chance
Tamsen Larkin Kiehnhoff's Triangle AIDS Network
Francis Kelly (aka Frank Lingo)'s New Novel Earth Vote
Rusty Luthe - Telescopes In Hawaii
John McVicker - Professionally and Personally
Marcie Mitler - Cambridge Psychotherapist
Sal Parrino - Artistry In Wood with a Current Photo of "Purple"
Bob Power - Robert Power Music
Wayne Powers - Official Website for Comedian/Actor/Singer/Magician
Mark Rabiner Photography - Commercial Personal & Much More from The Darkroom Guru
Neil Raden - HiredBrains
Mark Robbins - Watch a Video and listen to an MP3 -  Photo and Resume
Kitty (Kathy) Schooley - Author, songwriter, artist and IT professional
Peter Spencer - New CD New Hope and Wise Virgins - Info, Schedule on Web Site
David Van Hee's Art And Current Photo
Vintage Vinyl - Lew Prince & Tom Ray's Unique Musical Enterprise
John R. Weiss and his Class Of 1974 Page
Susie Wiley-Raden - Wiley Protocol: For Readers of T.S. Wiley's Book
on Bio Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy
Terry Wimmer - Point A Design - Websites for Creative Professionals and Small Business
David A. Young - The New Times, Your Monthly Resource For Authentic Living  - Photo

If you have a web page and would like it included in this list, send it along...

Some Collected Webster Alum Links:

Christine Baczewska ('71) - Composer/Performer
Ellen Foley ('74) - Actress/Singer
Hollis Taylor ('74) - Virtuoso Violinist "Twisted Fiddle"
John Zorn ('74) - Jazz Composer/Musician

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