Clan Webster - Webster College in the '70's
Reunion 2007

Photos by Rozzy

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Adam and Amy Amy, Bo, and Didi Bo Bo II
Adam and Amy.jpg Amy, Bo, and Didi.jpg Bo.jpg Bo II.jpg
Bo and Amy Bo and Cris Bo and Ira Bo and Ira II
Bo and Amy.jpg Bo and Cris.jpg Bo and Ira.jpg Bo and Ira II.jpg
Bo and Lew Bo and Lew II Bryce Krug and Lew Carrie and Rozzy
Bo and Lew.jpg Bo and Lew II.jpg Bryce Krug and Lew.jpg Carrie and Rozzy.jpg
Cris (I LOVE this pi#80015 Cris and Michael David Wilson and Janie Didi and her best fr#80018
Cris (I LOVE this pi#80015.jpg Cris and Michael.jpg David Wilson and Janie.jpg Didi and her best fr#80018.jpg
Eve and Amy Eve and Bryce Eve and Tim Evela!
Eve and Amy.jpg Eve and Bryce.jpg Eve and Tim.jpg Evela!.jpg