Clan Webster - Webster College in the '70's
Reunion 2007

Photos by Rozzy

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Ira Ira II Ira, Melanie, and th#80024 Janie
Ira.jpg Ira II.jpg Ira, Melanie, and th#80024.jpg Janie.jpg
Janie and Eve Lew Lew II Lew III
Janie and Eve.jpg Lew.jpg Lew II.jpg Lew III.jpg
Michael Michael and his girl#80032 Michael, Eve, Lew, D#80033 Mr. Chianti
Michael.jpg Michael and his girl#80032.jpg Michael, Eve, Lew, D#80033.jpg Mr. Chianti.jpg
Roz and Eve Rozzy and Eve Rozzy and Tim and friend!
Roz and Eve.jpg Rozzy and Eve.jpg Rozzy and Tim.jpg and friend!.jpg
at the Noelkers' cou#80004 lovely Didi the divine Ms. Ghillani the gorgeous Ms. Houk
at the Noelkers' cou#80004.jpg lovely Didi.jpg the divine Ms. Ghillani.jpg the gorgeous Ms. Houk.jpg