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October 1 - 3, 1999

The Party At Tim & Didi Noelker's Home

Copies Available - Via Email or Hard Copy

ellen epstein

Ellen Epstein checks out the spread

tim & the turkey

Tim Noelker & The Turkey

jerry spies the turkey

Jerry Bamel Eyes The Bird


Nancy Edmonds Paull relaxes at The Noelkers


Chris Dawson takes in the view


Paula Russell in the kitchen

sarah & linda

Sarah Dawson & Linda Clinton Maulin mirror the door

paula & sarah

Paula & Sarah share a laugh


Jerry with the Honey Nut Cheerios

sarah & linda

Sarah & Linda - kitchen chat

rozzy & ben

Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley & Ben Kloepper on the couch

rozzy & ben again

Rozzy & Ben Again with Nancy

michael holds court

Michael Goldberg holds court


Lebron Davison Zolbe arrives

paula & ellen

Paula & Ellen - the Seattle contingent

carrie & friends

Rozzy & Peter Vaccaro greet Carrie Houk

lebron & linda

Lebron and Linda share one moment

lebron & linda again

and another...

carey houk

Carey arrives prepared

ben checking out the clan

Ben brought his animations, 70's & '80's


Lebron looks surprised

tim & linda

Jerry looks relaxed

tim & neil

Tim watches Neil Raden make a choice

paula & lebron

Paula & Lebron in the living room conversation


Ben surveys the room


Nancy gives us a wave


Neil and son - Neil has amazing folding glasses

suzy & jerry

Suzy Wiley-Raden and Jerry - two glasses of wine


Jon Weiss greets St. Louis

jon again

and lights up the room

suzy & daughters

Suzy with the next generation

ellen, jimmy, & chris

Ellen, Jimmy Porter & Chris check out Cris' photos


Ellen takes another trip to the table


Jimmy gets comfortable

art "dorian" sandler

Art Sandler won't reveal where that painting is

ellen, jerry, & tim

Ellen & Jerry have a bit of dessert under Tim's watchful eye


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