Images of the '70's from the eyes of Sal "Purple" Parrino

Restored by Linda & Steve Maulin

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Linda Maulin: "To Lew's right: Pat Trainer. Guy facing us, with shades: Arthur Rosenberg (taught theatre classes?)."

Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley: "Absolutely, at in the cafeteria all the time. Taught acting to juniors, probably among one of the best teachers I ever had, was in the Loretto Hilton Rep most notable for his performance as Lennie in Of Mice and Men, stunning."

Ira Slotkin: "And in one of those Grapes performances Arthur is on stage with a Black character in the play. It is the end of a scene. An actor, older man, can't recall his name (not Myron Kozman), missed his cue to come out after which the set is supposed to dark. An infinite theater instant passes and realizing that something is awry, Arthur (staying in character as Lenny, of course) looks at the other actor and says something like "Well, gee ________. How long have you been black?" Just then the actor come out and the scene ends."

Mark Rabiner: "Arthur Rosenberg was head of the theater speech department being a student of Edith Skinner Olivers voice coach and head of the Carnegie tech as well as the Julliard speech departments at the same time (a requent flyer). He was my first adviser my first year at Webster. One day in class he said 'You'll never do anything in theater Rabiner.' Flattered by all the attention! And He was right! I saw him in Coming Home a 1978 Vietnam flick starring Jane Fonda and Jon Voight a vet in a wheelchair if you recall. Arthur does a fling with Jane in motel room. something like that."

Tim Noelker: "I think that's Barbie Bratt at the front left."