Images of the '70's from the eyes of Sal "Purple" Parrino

Restored by Linda & Steve Maulin

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Eve Coulson: "Anna Marie Estes, on the left right side of table and Debby Wilson on the right right side of table, both were from St. Louis but lived in the dorm freshman year; Debby was my best friend freshman year, Anna Marie later became Chris Dawson's sister in law (her younger sister Flo was Chris's first wife). Flo was my roommate in Boston for a summer after she and Chris split."

Mark Rabiner: "Anna Marie Estes was Tammy Larkins roommate 3rd floor Maria and I recall they said her dad was a famous painter Richard????."

Linda Maulin: "(Refer back to SP05) Lew's arm reaching around Pat Trainer to give Sal the finger."