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across the hall

Lived across the hall.
Her roomate was Joanie, in the art dept.
Sorry, I'm terrible w/ names,
and did not write down anyone's last names.

Tim Noelker: a student from Miami, FL who only spent one
semester -- forgot her name but she, Myra Wright and Joan Lipkin
were all suitemates (forgot the 4th suitemate).
Sam: The Miami student is Gretchen, but not sure of the last name.
They were across the the hall from me: Gretch, Joanie, Myra
and ???  Kati Slayton and Vicki Toulah were in the next room
down on that side of the hall.
Francis Xavier Weyerich: I am envious of the large Mucha poster.
Sam: The Mucha Poster--I'm not sure if that belonged to Gretchen
or Joanie, but the sculpture immediately behind it on the wall was
one Joan did out of shampoo bottle tops that she got Breck to
donate. I remember the day the box of bottle tops came--
I think we had a party. Any excuse, right?
John Savoca: I do know the last name of the young lovely
identified as "Gretchen". It was Kleinpeter. (no joke)
Mark Rabiner: Her name was Gretchen Klinepeter. She told me her
dad was a racecar driver but retired almost. From Miami. As it turned
out her roommate, Joan Lipkin had gone to Hull House summer
camp with me when we were 13. I have pictures of her doing Ionesco's
Rhinoceros from then. About my first roll of slides. First absurd
theater I ever saw or heard of. At the Hull house reunion in Chicago 1990
we figured this out. We read from her latest play. Her plays are being
done in St. Louis I believe she told me it's "Lesbian Theater".

Bev Klein

Bev Klein, my room mate on Loretto 4, Ira's floor
in front of our favorite store in Old Orchard

Colleen and Susie

Colleen Larkin & Susie Prentiss
When you run out of places to sit at a party,
there's always the bathtub.

in Blackburn Park

in Blackburn Park.
The first time I saw snow
(that I could remember)

Francis Xavier Weyerich: Is that you Sam?
Sam: Oui--c'est moi.  On the occasion of the first snow in fall of 1972, 
and the first time in my life that I saw snow (that I could remember).
Growing up in AZ, we did not have a lot of that.
(I had to borrow the mittens.)

in ira's room

I think in Ira's room ?

Ira Carter: Lew Prince



Ira Carter: Markus Trice


from Memphis

jamie 08

Hopefully someone will remember his last name.
 From Pittsburgh.

Melissa Shuwall: I think the blonde bearded smilin' guy is Dan Appleyard.
Ira Carter: former SEC prez Dan Appleyard
Tim Noelker: I understand that Dan Appleyard is an Episcopal priest,
but I'm not sure where. 


Ira Slotkin: That's a bottle of Metaxa ( greek brandy) on 
the dresser and I still have the big duck on the dresser too.

second roommate

second roommate 

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