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More than remembrance: a Gathering
at a campfire
on a clear, star-lit, winter's night.

sharing stories
of those who have gone, those present,
those yet to come. 

Each memory a small branch
tossed into the flames.

Tell me again, I say. Tell me again...
So I may yet remember
and be warmed in the
light of other days

© 2002  Ira Slotkin

sundance tribute

Ira Carter's Tribute To Sundance 

In Ira's words: "Bob 'Sundance' Davidson died all too soon in April 1999. This July, Bob's friends from Webster College and everywhere else he touched down on Earth gathered at his home in Spring Green, WI for a celebration of Bob's life. I am told the Webster contingent acquitted itself admirably as the loudest and most joyful table at a both sad and happy event. I miss Bob, he had a huge influence on my life."

John McVicker's Tribute To Arthur Brown

In John's words: "Arthur Ray Brown, my closest friend at Webster College, died of a heart attack in 1982, a month short of his 35th birthday.  Hardly a week passes that I don't find myself thinking of something he did or repeating something that he said.  My speech is still spiced with his turns of phrase...   I made it through freshman year at Webster thanks in large part to Arthur's kindness..." - John has included three poems written by Arthur from Tansy.
arthur brown

frank aker and sister cat 1972
Jean Aker's Tribute To Frank Aker

Frank Aker's brother Jean created this site.  Vignettes are mixed personal reflections on Frank's life in a touching narrative.  There is a page photos, running from the 1950's to the 1990's - the picture to the left is a smaller version of one with sister Cat in 1972.   Check out the rest of Jean's site at:  - lots 'bout motorcycles and his Vietnam memories...   thanks, Jean...

Reflections from Leslie Eberhard's Funeral Service 
By Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

"It was the most lovely and touching service and burial I have attended in a long time.  Tim and Ben, your presence was very moving and I am so grateful that you were there. Thank you, Tim, for your very supportive and understanding phone conversations.  Ben, it was lovely to sit in the peace of the smaller chapel and then to walk into the sanctuary to pay our respects at Leslie's casket, beautifully draped in flowers.  Thank you for coming early."  -  January 18, 2002

Visit Leslie's page and read the full text of Rozzy's remembrance.

leslie eberhard

Photo from Who's Who Staff Page of
Dr. Jeckell and Mr. Hyde Web Site

Ellen Spier Tribute Page

The webster70 list remembers Ellen.  Included is Deborah Caringella Schneider's poignant narrative on Ellen's memorial service - March 13, 2002.

Leigh Gerdine Tribute Page

Leigh Gerdine, 84, ex-president of Webster University, champion of arts.   The webster70 list remembers with appreciation the unique individual who shaped Webster College and crafted the cradle of Clan Webster...


Dr. Leigh Gerdine
Photo Courtesy of Marilyn Holmes logo

© 2002 Richard H. Fox

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