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Reunion 2014 will be celebrated September 19-21 in St. Louis
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Webster College was a unique experience in the early 1970's.  We are still Clan Webster.  Our memories and pieces of who we are today are collected here.  We're always looking for YOU - if you have stumbled upon us, please say hello.  Enjoy your stay and join us...

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HOT  Clan Webster News
Reunion 2007 & 2008 Photos Are Up!
Links below with other years' photos

Princeton 2007 Groundhog Weekend!
Link below with other gatherings

Libby Farrow McKnight's Scrapbook!
View two pages - here
Linked via the '70's Page!

cris and jimmie
now who looks excited?
To the left and above:
Our Ms. Cris Ghillani & Dinner Date
Click on images for full view

John Savoca's Treasure Trove!
View six pages - here
Linked via the '70's Page!

Mary Moloney
Photos from
Mary Moloney's Retirement Party

Thanks Mary for all you've done for Clan Webster.  You are a friend always, we hold a special spot for you in our hearts.

Photos from Linda

Mary Moloney and Linda Clinton Maulin

susan busk walkin' in the

The Clan Pages

The Photo Gallery - photos then and now with commentary

The Broadside In Exile - a growing collection of Webster Press

Stories - a mix of personal histories, recollections,  and fantasies

Webster In The Seventies

Photos from:

Earl Davis - Paul Bishow - Rusty Lathe - Deborah Caringella Schneider - Ira Carter - Linda Clinton Maulin - Eve Coulson restored by Ira Carter - Jamie Duncan - Sam Fleming - Cris Ghillani - Sal "Purple" Parrino - Mark Rabiner - John Savoca - Frank Xavier Weyerich via Jeff Jobson & Ira Carter - David Young
webster scene as it was, 1971 or so it goes...

Reunion Photos

Reunion 2008

Pages of Photos by: 

Richard Fox

More photos from Amy & Rozzy coming which chronicle the weekend.  This group of images are mostly of The Lew Prince Riverfront Experience plus a series from The Coffeehouse.

The Lew
                  Prince Riverfront Tour of 2008
at the Noelker's

Reunion 2007

Pages of Photos by:

Amy Veaner
Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

At Chez Noelkers - Chez Prince,  the Missouri Botanical Gardens, the Noelkers' Club, and much more!  Thanks, Amy and Rozzy!

Reunion 2006

Page of retro Photos by: 

Richard Fox

Walking the Central West End, annual party at Tim & Didi's home (wonderful, thanks!) - a stroll to Laumeier Sculpture Park followed by the 70's Coffeehouse.  Sunday morning, the Big Brunch in the gym (under the banners and balloons.)

john & richie on the
                    alumni house porch...

Reunion 2005

Pages of Photos by: 

Richard Fox

Trip to Art Museum & Laumeier Sculpture Park, annual party at Tim & Didi's home (thanks always!) - 70's Coffeehouse followed by music and dancing - The '70's see ya next year Brunch.

Reunion 2004

Pages of Photos by: 

Amy Veaner/Linda Maulin
Ira Carter
Cris Ghillani
Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley
John Kyle
Richard Fox

Harriet Woods lecture, annual party at Tim & Didi's home (you make every Reunion special!) - NAAR Walk - cruising St. Louis - 70's Coffeehouse followed by music and dancing with The Boyz in The Band - The '70's 'til next time Brunch.

Uncle Fungus
                Craig & Michelle
the boyz in the 70's
                    coffeehouse band

Reunion 2003

Five Pages of Photos by: 

Linda Clinton Maulin
Ira Slotkin
Richard Fox - Page 1 and Page 2 and Page 3

Annual party at Tim & Didi's home (thank you - you are the best hosts!) - cruising campus and St. Louis - 70's Coffeehouse followed by music and dancing with The Boyz in The Band - The Jazz Brunch.

Reunion 2002

Five Pages of Photos by: 

Ira Carter
John McVicker
Linda Clinton Maulin
Richard Fox - Page 1 and Page 2

Roaming campus, Alumni Cocktail Party & Jazz Brunch, Dinner at Talyana's, Delmar Loop scoop, and the party at Tim & Didi's home (thank you gracious hosts!)

foxy wendy rozzy outside
                    carry's classroom

 Reunion 2001

A page of photos by Linda Clinton Maulin from the Sunday Jazz Brunch, a mix of Clan Webster folks and the Alum Department who work hard to make our weekends special.

Reunion 2000

Three Pages of Photos by:

Ira Carter and Cris Ghillani
Linda Clinton Maulin
Tim Noelker

Tim & Didi Noelker once again host a party - the big techno DJ Dance featuring Carter & Ray - Sunday Jazz Brunch - and some new old faces!

picture reunion 99 now and then and again and

Reunion 1999

Photos by:

Linda Clinton Maulin
Richard Fox
Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

The party at Tim & Didi Noelker's home - wandering around St. Louis - Saturday night "Dance In The Cafeteria" - gathering at Lew & Melanie Prince's home afterwards - Sunday Jazz Brunch - and a few surprise appearances.

Reunion 1998

Photos by:

Richard Fox
Paul Gertman & Michael Goldberg
Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley
Valerie Mack (Johns-Crane)
John McVicker
Tim Noelker

The Street Fair, O'Connell's, Blueberry Hill, Vintage Vinyl, party  at Lew & Melanie Prince's home, Sunday Jazz Brunch - and other stuff, too.

                  reunion brunch spirit - let's keep doin' it...

princeton groundhogs
                    weekend 2007


Princeton, NJ - 2007
Photos by Cris,  Rozzy, and Richard

Westport, MA - 2000 and 2001
Photos by Richard Fox and Tim Noelker

Deborah Caringella Schneider - 1999 and 2002
Photos by Deborah at her home & Bobby Powers'.

Jon Weiss' house in New Hampshire - 1987
Photos by Eve Coulson

Tribute Pages

Tributes to those who have passed on...

Frank Aker by Jean Aker

Arthur Brown by John McVicker

Bob "Sundance" Davidson by Ira Carter

Leslie Eberhard by Rozzy Hooper-Hamersley

Ellen Spier by the webster70 list

Leigh Gerdine by the webster70 list

arthur brown

Photo of the Month: Meteor Boys Kyle & Carter

meteor boys kyle
                  & carter
          New Moon

It's as dark as it gets tonight....
and yet
in these dark-of-the-moon nights,
like Moonflower,
or Sunflower by day,
I bend and turn toward the light...
and I cannot keep it unto my self...
so I shine on,
like some crazy diamond
and hope perchance
a hint
a glint
a glimmer of my reflection
shimmers and shines on you.

                        ~Marby Rufsvold, Monday, August 16, 2004

        ~ for John and Ira ~
            who inspired it

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